the shoes fit good and looks very nice. You get what you get.

Matt LamsonNew Customer

Great shoes, very comfortable and love the cushions. They fit very good not too large not to small, just right. Highly recommend

Richard customer

Our shoes just arrived. we have worn them a couple of days and they are going to work fine for my purpose. I do inspections on construction sites.

Many comments are about the thin inserts. I agree they are thin and I plan to replace them with thicker inserts. But there is a reason for the inserts the manufacturer included. One of the tags said these shoes are good for places where static electricity is a big hazard, like clean rooms where computer chips are manufactured. If you use the original inserts and keep the sole clean then you meet the requirements where electrostatic discharge is a hazard. I visit lots of kinds of buildings so I may have that need some day. I plan to keep the inserts just in case I need them in the future.

Tiffany customer

Shoe size fits OK, but considering toe protection you might have to go with size higher.
While using shoes daily for 12-14 hours per day consider that toe protection might annoy you.
Taking “wide” shoe size option will not help on this issue, to save trouble just take one size bigger.
Shoes are comfortable and light, cushion is comfortable, but for heavy duty use consider extra cushion that suits your need.
Definitely good buy and will buy again.

Dragan Galicnew customer

These shoes run about a half size to big, make sure if you’re a 10 you order a 9.5. There is also not a lot of heel support in the soles of the shoes. After walking around all day I had some discomfort in my left heel. The perks are the shoes look good, and they’re extremely lighter than the safety to work boots.

Fiona customer